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Thursday, 7 October 2021

Concrete Winds perforate skulls with "Noise Trepanation"

Concrete Winds 2021
The painful yet satisfactory moment of musical brutality many of us have been waiting for today has finally cum: Concrete Winds have premiered a song from their upcoming album, and it couldn't get nastier. Fittingly titled "Noise Treapanation", this merciless piece of hostility leaves its listeners no time to catch their breathe, or to even realize what is going on, before taking over and inflicting demage on the ears and minds which submit themselves to the lethal sonic assault.

The band premiered the song alongside a brief interview on Invisible Orange.

"We are never actively concerned about making songs either stand out or stick in the head, mainly the objective is one of ear canal destruction, discomfort and to aggravate the listener. If this is the result however of course it is welcome. Even more if it leaves the consumer with a bitter aftertaste and claustrophobic disgust., the band commented on the song premiered today.

Which is indeed the experience after blasting "Noise Trepanation": an excruciating, vicious musical drill forcing its way into the ears of the listeners, who have no choice other then hearing it perforating their brains in a moment of eruptive harshness.

There is no doubt, Concrete Winds are the equivalent of hammers and knives to the ears, and that is exactly what their listeners are masochistically asking for.

"Nerve Butcherer" will be out on Sepulchral Voice Records on November 26th, 2021: meanwhile, stream "Noise Trepanation" below and let it penetrate the deepest corners of your skull!