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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Saturnalia Temple's "Gravity": pre-orders and some interesting details

The majestic cover artwork for "Gravity"
has been crafted by Brian Van Der Pol.
Saturnalia Temple are releasing their third full-length "Gravity" on February 21st, 2020 on Listenable Records, and as of now, it's already possible to pre-order the album on CD digipak and on vinyl through Season of Mist's webshop.

Tommie Eriksson unveils also some interesting details about "Gravity":

"We reached a more organic sound from using only my old vintage equipment . I used my old Laney Klipp amps from 1971 (same as Iommi used on the old albums) and my 1977 Mockingbird guitar, as well as my unique old Keio Fuzz Wah from 1970. All signal paths went through my TLA Valve Preamps and compressor. Vocals was made with an old Ribbon microphone. this is the best album we’ve ever made.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Ensnared's "Inimicus Generis Humani" pre-orders and tracklist available

Ensnared's second full-length, "Inimicus Generis Humani", will be released on February 14th, 2020 on Invictus Productions and Dark Descent Records, who both have opened earlier today the pre-orders for the following versions of the album:

- Limited white vinyl  Invictus Productions - Dark Descent Records
- Regular black vinyl Invictus Productions - Dark Descent Records
- Jewelcase CD Invictus Productions - Dark Descent Records.

The tracklist for the upcoming opus has also been unveiled and appears as ominously promising as as follows:

1. Interlude I
2. Spiritual Necrosis
3. The Throne of Transformation
4. Interlude II
5. Disciples of the Whip
6. Interlude III
7. Katharsis Through Terror
8. Black Hole Acolytes

Digital pre-orders are also available on Invictus Productions' Bandcamp page.

Additionally, for an even more lethal dose of death metal, the band's venomous debut album "Dysangelium" will also be repressed on regular black vinyl, limited blue vinyl and CD.

Molasses to perform at the 1st edition of EROS AT ARMS

Meh Suff and Dynamo Zürich have presented in these days the final line-up of a new festival which will take place in Switzerland at the end of April 2020: EROS AT ARMS.
"It is our great pleasure to present the premiere edition of Eros At Arms, Zurich's very own music festival for the alternative arts! We went the extra mile to assemble what we feel to be a diverse and exciting array of artists, cherished by us for their talent and uncompromising vocation and hope you share our excitement in welcoming them to the stage!", reads their official announcement, and indeed the line-up confirmed for the first edition of the event, is a truly well assorted selection which brings together some quite diverse manifestations of the underground and alternative music, where the common theme might certainly be the fact that each one of them is a remarkable representation of the music they play, and each one of them in their very own way.

Among them, one of course is of particular relevance here on Unearthed Mirrors: Molasses, who will return on stage after their debut at Roadburn 2019. The Dutch band has enchanted many of us with their first EP "Mourning Haze" / "Drops Of Sunlight", released on Ván Records on the day their first performance happened at Roadburn, on April 11th, 2019; following that there hasn't been any other live activity but when Doomstar Bookings announced, back in July 2019, that Molasses had joined their roster, it was an indication that something more was in store for the band, and actually, in an interview some months ago, the vocalist and founder member Farida Lemouchi has confirmed that they have been writing music together as a band and are considering the idea of a full album.