"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Apocalyptic Feels : a playlist

Postponed tours, venues temporarily closed, cancelled festivals... if you are feeling the gripping hand of the confinement tightening its grasp on you and all around is doom'n'gloom...nothing better than some ominous, destructive and vicious music to be blasted even louder than usual! Here's a proper soundtrack for these plagued times:

01. In Solitude, "Demons" - From the album "The World.The Flesh.The Devil" (2011)
02. Reveal!, "Down Through The Hole" - From the album "Scissorgod" (2019)
03. Degial, "Annihilation Banner" - From the album "Predator Reign" (2017)
04. Concrete Winds, "Volcanic Turmoil" - From the album "Primitive Force" (2019)
05. Ensnared, "Spiritual Necrosis" - From the album "Inimicus Generis Humani (2020)
06. Obnoxious Youth, "Retroactive Abortion" - From the album "Disturbing the Graves" (2017)
07. Maggot Heart, "Scorpion Time" - From the album "Dusk to Dusk" (2018)
08. Invidious, "Dead Salvation" - From the EP "In Death" (2011)
09. In Solitude, "Horses in the Ground" - From the album "Sister" (2013)

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Molassess sign to Season of Mist, new album in Fall 2020

Photo by Esther van Waalwijk
Exciting news for all of us appreciators of the captivating and compelling prog rock magick of Molassess: the band has announced earlier today through their official Facebook page that they have signed to Season of Mist, who will release their full-length in Fall 2020!
Molassess commented: "This newborn beast is growing vastly within us. Calling out in ways yet to explore. We are excited to become one with its ever expanding language the coming years. We will be its best host possible, together with our newly formed alliance. A call for adventurous spirit is reaching out its formless hands, moving forward in blatant celebration of the irrational. We are more than ready to surface and start pouring out this cosmic glue over mind and matter. Drunk on Molassess!"

Eagerly waiting to hear what musical spell they will channel on their full-length and keeping an eye open for more details to come!

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Henrik Palm signs with Svart Records to release his second album, "Poverty Metal"

Henrik Palm's eagerly awaited second album now has a title: "Poverty Metal"! The title has been disclosed earlier today by the label Svart Records, along with the announcement that they have signed a deal with Henke to release his upcoming album during Fall 2020, and reissue his debut, "Many Days".

Svart Records commented, " Everything we’re looking for in a fresh and modern genre-clash, Henrik’s music is catchy, well-crafted, beautiful and ugly in the same intense and challenging moment. Impossible to define, Henrik Palm fits Svart’s groundbreaking roster perfectly."
The full official statement by the label can be read HERE.

Looking forward to hearing what "Poverty Metal" will sound like !