"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Watch Maggot Heart performing their exclusive set at Roadburn Redux

On Friday, April 16th 2021 Roadburn Redux, this year's digital edition of Roadburn Festival, streamed an exclusive set performed by Maggot Heart for the festival, comprised of three song, all from the band's latest album "Mercy Machine" (which has been released during the pandemic and therefore never performed live before).

Our favourite powerful trio truly delivered an intense performance which, even through the screen, felt extremely energetic and compelling!

It is possible to rewatch the recorded set on demand on the Roadburn Redux website at any time (until Tuesday, April 20th, 2021).

Friday, 2 April 2021

Maggot Heart share new video for their song "Roses"

A new video for Maggot Heart's song "Roses", taken for their latest album "Mercy Machine", has been premiered yesterday on Rapid Eye Records! The video has been directed by Linnéa herself, and it's intense and passionate just like Maggot Heart's music. Blast it loud!

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Art as an endless exploration: an interview with Gottfrid Åhman

Gottfrid Åhman; 2021
We are beyond delighted to bring you an interview with an artist whose music has meant and means so much to many of us: he has been one of In Solitude's founding members and wrote with them some of the most powerful melodic passages and some of the most memorable atmospheric moments of their music; he has been involved in some of the most putrid death metal with Invidious (and produced the ferocious Degial); he has conjured tunes of dark rock with No Future, made some captivating solo music, too; he has performed live with the schizo-rockers Reveal!, and more recently, he has been making some peculiar and striking music in the form of PÅGÅ, once again with his brother Pelle, who has been member with him of most of the aforementioned bands: we are talking of course of Gottfrid Åhman, who has been so kind to answer some questions for all of us about his past and present activities, his inspirations, his creative process and more.
He is also a talented video maker and has directed the fascinating music video for Shaam Larein's song "Aurora" as well as her official live videos; he has also created some otherworldly visuals for his own music, for No Future videos, and for PÅGÅ's songs "Enter" and "Olili": we didn't forget this and in the interview you'll also find some parts which discuss this side of his artistic production.

Throughout all the years this site has been active (since 2013, formerly as Fuck yeah, In Solitude) there have been countless times where we have listened, watched and praised his music and art so we are extremely glad and honored to have had the chance to discuss all this with him, we hope you will enjoy this as much as we did and we want to say a big thank you to Gottfrid for the interesting answers he gave us, offering us an intriguing way to look at his art from his own perspective.