"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Uno interviewed on For The Passion Not The Fashion (Recap & Highlights)

Uno Bruniusson has recently been interviewed on Headbangers Tilburg's YouTube channel For The Passion Not The Fashion and discussed several memories about In Solitude, his beginnings as a drummer, recalled the band's first tours, some of their memorable moments; as well as his current projects and future plans.

(On a side note, Uno also kindly mentioned us as source of updates about his and other post-In Solitude's projects activities, so we humbly thank him for the shout out!).

Below you can find a recap of his interview (you can click on the timestamps to skip to the specific points), some highlights, and the full video. Enjoy!

  • Uno recalls the first In Solitude's show outside of Sweden, in Tilburg; and In Solitude's first European tour 00:01:55

  • Discussing when he first started listening to music, and the first concerts he attended 00:08:00

  • Speaking of the first times he started playing music, his beginnings as a drummer, his motivations and musical education 00:10:25

  • Uno talks about his father being a drummer too and the  music he has released with his band 00:16:31

  • Recalling how In Solitude was formed when they all were very young, their influences, first activities and musical developments 00:18:07

  • Discussing other bands and projects he has been and/or still is involved in, his recent solo compositions 00:23:13

  • Uno talks about bands he has toured with, musicians who inspire him; Selim's legacy and touring with WATAIN and The Devil's Blood, as well as memorable experiences in his musical life 00:34:52

  • Discussing In Solitude's split up, whether or not there's the possibility of a reunion and his current relationships with other In Solitude's members 00:48:12

  • Further goals and achievements he's looking forward to develop: his solo project Perkwuno, deepening his explorations of rythm and percussions, his daily practice; making more music with Maggot Heart 00:53:26

  • Speaking of some of his all-time favourite and inspirational albums and music 00:58:25

  • Taking some time off due to the pandemic, more future plans after COVID and looking ahead 01:01:20

  • Teaching drums 01:05:17

  • Conclusions, info and greetings 01:08:56

Full video interview:

Friday, 16 July 2021

Maggot Heart premieres new track from upcoming split with OKKULTOKRATI

Maggot Heart / OKKULTOKRATI Split EP
Cover Artwork by Johannes Brander

Rapid Eye Records has just announced earlier today very exciting news: Maggot Heart and OKKULTOKRATI are going to release a split EP this coming September!

It will feature three new songs by each band, and will be available on a limited edition of 600 copies on black vinyl as well as on a limited edition of 400 copies on smoky vinyl, both versions come with printed inner sleeve and a double-sided poster.

Both bands have premiered a new song taken from the split EP on New Noise Magazine, which you can hear below: Maggot Heart's track, "No Song", is a really catchy piece which shows all the punk-ish potential of our favourite power trio, with its raw and straightforward attitude, it opens with a Genesis P-Orridge-style spoken part and then evolves into a combination of hectic vocals and hooky riffs, immediately captivating the listener .

 On the other side of the split, OKKULTOKRATI is going to make you headbanging and air guitaring like there's no tomorrow with their dark and heavy song "Wolfssegen":

The Maggot Heart / OKKULTOKRATI Split EP will be out on September 24th, 2021 on Rapid Eye Records and it can already be pre-ordered at the label's webshop. Digital version available on Bandcamp.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Reveal! 's new single "Some Marionettes, Some Kites (A Few Knives)" out on July 17th (TEASER!)

 "Some Marionettes, Some Kites (A Few Knives)"
available at End All Parties

Slurp-worthy juicy news today: Reveal! have just shared a teaser for their upcoming single "Some Marionettes, Some Kites (A Few Knives)" and announced that it will be out on July 17th!

It will be a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, featuring the unreleased song "Organs" recorded live in Rotterdam during the Eating Glass tour in 2017.
Pre-orders can already be placed at End All Parties, where as always it is also possible to find other Reveal! related merchandise and some of their previous releases.
Feast your eager ears upon their teaser below which hints at some truly putrid and ancient-vibed sound that reeks of grave dirt and will make you even more impatient!