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Friday, 24 June 2022

"In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love" - limited photo zine!

We are thrilled today to have some really special news for all In Solitude appreciators!

Surely many of you will remember the photo book by talented photographer Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative titled "Fire At Will", released in 2020, containing a selection of some impressive photographs he took of WATAIN performing in the U.S.A. between 2013 and 2019.

Well, we are delighted to announce that, when In Solitude toured with WATAIN in October/November 2013, he also took some amazing photos of their shows in Philadelphia and Baltimore which are going to be published on a limited photo zine titled : "In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love"!

The zine is going to be a limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed by the author. It is of course officially approved by the band members, and if all this wasn't enough of a good reason to support it, all the profits will go to the animal shelter where Tom and his wife volunteer at.


Remembering when he witnessed the tour and captured some moments of it with his camera, he recalls: "Watain headlined a Fall 2013 U.S. tour and brought fellow Swedish bands In Solitude and Tribulation with them. While I was there to photograph Watain, I made sure to take some time out to photograph In Solitude—a unique musical force that brought together influences like Mercyful Fate, Swans and Joy Division into one great rock ’n’ roll band. The band was touring in support of their highly celebrated and final album, “Sister.”

The photo zine is available to buy at the Man Alive Creative Webstore. Check out the juicy details about the photo zine in the official description: "The zine, which is supported and endorsed by the former band members themselves, spotlights a series of moments captured in Philadelphia and Baltimore on that 2013 tour. Featuring photography, design and art direction by Tom Bejgrowicz, the zine’s cover art and style is steeped in late-60s/early-70s cinema—a cinematic period as timeless as In Solitude’s music. Each copy is hand-numbered and signed by Bejgrowicz and is considered a complementary piece to his “Fire At Will” photography book documenting Watain’s U.S. touring between 2013-2019—which includes images taken on these very two dates.

After the printing expenses, shipping costs and PayPal fees are recouped and taxes assessed—approximately $5.48 out of the $16.99 list price (which includes S&H in the U.S.) will go toward improvements in the Randolph County Animal Shelter’s cat room. That’s nearly $500 if we sell out of the edition. These funds will contribute to Man Alive Creative's ongoing support of projects to better the Shelter.

All the details:

• First edition of 100 copies

• Hand-numbered and signed by the photographer

• 100% of all profits benefit homeless animals

• Saddle-stitched 20-page zine

• Dimensions: 5.5” w x 8.5” h


   There certainly is enough to intrigue all of us In Solitude's fervent fans - and needless to say, as many of us treasure fond memories of seeing them playing live, there can never be enough photographs and ways to bring back these intense moments to mind.

Indeed, In Solitude's live shows are something which leave an indelible mark on most of their audience.

“Watain and I were just beginning our collaborative journey together on the very dates I captured these images of In Solitude. 'Sister' was just released and it immediately and absolutely blew me away. It still does. So despite my being there for Watain, I felt the need to duck away and capture images of them at both shows I attended on that tour. I’m thankful I did", says Tom Bejgrowicz recalling his experience in 2013.

"Their shortened U.S. live sets featured three songs from Sister, the same from The World.The Flesh.The Devil and ‘Witches Sabbath’ from their debut. I found their performances of ‘A Buried Sun’ and ‘To Her Darkness,’ in particular, to be exceptional in every way.

One of the first moments I remember about In Solitude on the second day of the tour in Philadelphia was hearing someone playing ‘Playground Love’ by Air, from their Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Being a fan of that song, a song I didn’t expect to hear anywhere in the venue that day, I discovered it was none other than Gottfrid playing this beautiful tune. Alongside Pelle wearing a Joy Division shirt and, quite honestly, In Solitude were everything I hoped they would be: inspired, electrifying and absolutely remarkable.”

...Well, Tom's impressions of the show couldn't be more relatable, to most of us appreciators of In Solitude!
No other band has been able to combine the darkest shades of heavy metal and rock, with such captivating elements, and unique aura.

To anyone who has experienced their shows - but also to all the people who started listening to them after they quit and therefore have never had the chance to see them live - these outstanding photographs will surely be a great way to relive intense memories, or anyway to catch a glimpse of those peculiar moments on stage, where In Solitude used to pour all themselves into their music and directly to their crowds.

Here is a taste of what you will see on "In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love".

"In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love" - photographs by Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative

"In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love" - photographs by Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative

"In Solitude: Ailment In The Veins Of Love" - photographs by Tom Bejgrowicz of Man Alive Creative

You can order your copy of this one-of-a-kind photo zine completely dedicated to In Solitude on Man Alive Creative Webstore!