"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related artistic manifestations.

Because Music is about...losing perspective (a photo essay)

In Solitude live at Headbangers Openair 2012
photo by Jörg Müller

Inspired by this post(one of the first-ever, actually) on the Fuck Yeah, In Solitude tumblr blog 6 years ago, we decided to compile a photo gallery, spanning through the years of In Solitude's live activity, as well as those of related musical entities, with the common theme of losing perspective through music, something which, we are sure, is a concept fairly well known to most of us In solitude 's appreciators, and that has been experienced on both sides of the stage at their shows. A photo essay which is meant as a celebration and exaltation of possibly one of the most powerful aspects of music, a feature which actually makes music extreme in the broader sense of the term and regardless of its genre: the strength to melt borders, to bend reality, to tear apart conscious limitations.

Of course, there could have been many more than these: in years of intense live activity, there have been several very representative moments photographed at different shows which would have fit the theme of this gallery. We tried to stick to some of the more emblematic images to keep it enjoyable without becoming rendundant; however there will certainly be the chance to update this gallery whenever we find a photo which effectively portrays that amazingly compelling, boundaries-breaking effect of music in action.

In Solitude live at Hole in the Sky, 2011
photo by Taylor Keahey

In Solitude live at Debaser Strand, 2011
photo by ExtreMMetal.se

In Solitude live at Debaser Slussen, 2012
photo by ExtreMMetal.se

In Solitude live in Philadelphia, Decibel Magazine tour, 2012
photo by Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

In Solitude live in Tampa, 2012
photo by Zachary Tomlinson

In Solitude live in Oakland, 2013
photo by Alan Snodgrass

In Solitude live in Los Angeles, 2013
photo by Lily Scarlet Photography

In Solitude live at Days of the Ceremony, 2013
photo by Antyportal.net

In Solitude live at Karmøygeddon, 2014
photo by Stig Pallesen

In Solitude live in Kristianstad, 2014
photo by Karros Photoart

In Solitude live at Tons of Rock, 2014
photo by Andrea Chirulescu

In Solitude live in Gothenburg, 2014, 2014
photo by Robban Kanto

In Solitude live in Malmö, 2014, 2014
photo by Fredrik

In Solitude live in London, 2014, 2014
photo by Jo Blackened / Altercarnated Photography

In Solitude live in London, 2014, 2014
photo by Jo Blackened / Altercarnated Photography

In Solitude live in Hamburg, 2014
photo by Lampito Photo

In Solitude live in Innsbruck, 2014
photo by Marion Punz

In Solitude live in Manchester, 2014
photo by Phil Vidamour Photography

In Solitude live in Wrocław, 2014
photo by dlastudenta.pl

No Future live in Madrid, 2014
photo by Eating from the Coffin

No Future live in Madrid, 2014
photo by Blue Indigo Studio

In Solitude live at Eindhoven Metal Meeting, 2014
photo by Nekrographie

No Future live in Berlin, 2016
photo by Starspawn Phty

No Future live in Berlin, 2016
photo by Starspawn Phty

Reveal! live in Stockholm, 2016
photo by extreMMetal.se

Pelle Åhman performing with Lapis Niger in Parma, 2017
photo by La Società dello Zolfo

Reveal! live in Freiburg, 2017
photo by Slow Club

Reveal! live in Amsterdam, 2018
photo by Saïd Henstra

Reveal! live in Berlin, 2018
photo by Sulphurous Visions

Reveal! live in Malmö, 2018
photo by Gianluca La Bruna

Maggot Heart live in Dortmund, 2018
photo by Robin Tasi

Maggot Heart live in Freiburg, 2019
photo by Slow Club Freiburg

Maggot Heart live in Belgrade, 2019
photo by AleX/Headliner.rs

Saturnalia Temple live in Brussels, 2019
photo by Tales from the Frontline

To be continued...