"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related artistic manifestations.

For Whom The Drums Roll

It was long due, and here it finally is: in this page of Unearthed Mirrors we praise the drummers and we are of course referring to the drummers who play in the bands we cover here on the website. Unfortunately there isn't a video for each one of them out there, however there are now online quite enough to start gathering them all in one dedicated place. These are not going to be all strictly speaking drumcams, but nonetheless they are videos focused on the drummers, showing us a perspective that we rarely get to see - but which surely deserved to be highlighted. (And please note this isn't meant to be in any way technical whatsoever, opinions expressed are our own and it is intended for generic appreciators of drumming).

Let's start with some footage from quite a few years ago...of Uno with Solitude, of course!
Uno is such a versatile drummer and he can really give a lot on many different genres, that being said, we think he really shines at his best when he is getting at it with some 70ish heavy/prog/hard rock.

Uno drumming with In Solitude in 2014, photo by Andrea Chirulescu

A clip of a show in Vienna from as far as 2011 exists on In Solitude's official channel, and although in one part it also takes a little detour from the drum view, most of the video is actually of Uno as he drums raw and wild on "Faceless Mistress" and "Demons":

One more from 2011, this time from Maryland Deathfest (the first ever show In Solitude played on U.S. soil!) and once again it's "Faceless Mistress" which takes the spotlight. This one offers us a view of In Solitude on fire, it's filmed right beside Uno as he beats like a madman, switching drumsticks because why not and the audio is good enough to let us appreciate pretty well also those fat slaps on that Zildjian on his right:

A little extra that had to be in this post, coming from our archives: Uno's drumstick...used, (literally) consumed and signed!

It's a shame there aren't more recent drum cam videos of In Solitude from the "Sister" era... but anyway, here's a video that we really couldn't leave out, even just for its historical value: it's the famous clip of Uno jamming "Bury Me In Smoke" with Down and guests on stage at Hellfest 2013!

We didn't find any drum cam video of Uno with Death Alley and this is really unfortunate because, as we mentioned above, we think this genre really complements his drumming. So to make up for this we are including an extract from their show at Hellfest in 2016, the video isnt' strictly focused on the drums, but they still get enough camera time, and it is from our favourite part of "Supernatural Predator", the instrumental transition which gets really trippy and got some Bill Ward-ish kind of passages here and there. Classy!

Now for a brief and quick clip to conclude, from a show in 2022 with CV Vision:

We'll keep an eye out for any video of Uno drumming with Maggot Heart, and aside his performances with In Solitude and other bands, there are different videos online on Uno's own YouTube channel where he can be seen jamming during his percussionistic experiments: we are adding one of them here below, be sure to check out all the others as well on Uno's personal channel.

Time for some footage of the diabolical drumming of E.Forcas.
E. Forcas on stage with WATAIN in 2022, photo by Steph Pictures

Emil hits hard, we all know that! (Perhaps even more so in Degial). Really great metal drummer, we especially appreciate his balance between speed and heaviness. He doesn't overplay and still sounds monumental.
At the moment there are no Degial drum cam videos online that we are aware of (→ if you are aware of any, or even have some, come on get it out there!) , however, there are quite a few as he hammers the drums with WATAIN, and most of them are also pro-shot.

Let's start with an upper view of Emil blasting Sepoltura's "Morbid Visions" for the "Corona Mortis" WATAIN tape back in 2020:

Some more of his fiery drumming can be seen in this clip of "Nuclear Alchemy" from WATAIN's Chariots of Fire tour in 2022, courtesy of Mateusz Śmierzchalski:

More recently, E.Forcas has also appeared on the dedicated channel Drummers From Hell, with a video of "The Howling" performed in May 2023 in Poland, here it is in all its ferocious blasting, a proper drum cam video which also allows us to take a look at some of his footwork:

From the same show in Poland in May 2023, Drummers From Hell have also shared another pro-shot drum cam video of E.Forcas, this time hammering "Legions Of The Black Light", a track where we can appreciate even better his combination of ruthlessness and consistency:

Alright all of you aggressive noise maniacs reading this, fear not, we have not forgotten about the man who drums at speed of rage (so much so that at Saint Vitus a couple of cymbals just couldn't handle it and kept trying to escape: 1, 2.)

Mikko on stage with Concrete Winds in 2023, Photo by extreMMetal.se

Mikko's drumming is brilliant, period. Not only fast and heavy, but - especially considering the genres he is playing - also very creative and dynamic, making a huge difference to the listening experience.
Although there aren't any pro shot drum cam videos of Mikko with Concrete Winds (or, not YET) we do know of a couple of clips which show him in action.

First one, it's a video of none other than "Paroxystic Flagellator" from their show in Helsinki on March 19th, 2022, courtesy of Lupercalia Club on Instagram:

(That's some effortlessness there, right. Top!)
One more clip is an extract of "Chromium Jaws" from their show in Krakow in May 2023, courtesy of Drummers from Hell on Instagram (yet another one on there instead of YouTube, but anyways). Beating the maximum savagery out of that drum kit, we can't fail to appreciate that.

And thus we come to the end of this drums galore page - of course, if anyone reading this is aware of other relevant videos we should be adding here, please do drop us an email and let us know!