"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Reveal!: Readings: Lyrics: Doppelherz (2021)

Doppelherz (2021)

All lyrics by Crakk

Cocoon (bitch regalia)

Fucked in your Bitch Regalia
No one stayed to watch
Stuck in your Bitch Regalia
Clever who did not push, Woah!

Still in your Bitch Regalia
Can you feel my touch?
Never in your Bitch Regalia
Clever who did not push

Drip down
All those claws marks
With blood stains
Still on your bed

Can't see
From those track marks
No needle
Just tie off your head!

Your soul is rubber
Stratched, but never torn
You tie around your fleshy sack
Feed the ego, but never chew

Saw my self again
In a dream that isn't true
Inshallah as the season die
Our time iDoppelherzs but dust, oh!

Time keeps on crawling;
But never pausing
All keeps on pushing
You're talking
And you still keep on pushing your shit


Inshallah to
Dreams that isn't true?
Inshallah I know something else:
One is not, all is two!

Baby tooth
Sour talk
Sore feet
You pour it all
I can't remember
Can't recall
Shut your mouth
We cannot fall!

It's all "fight"!

Heaven - touch it
It shines to us
And all heaven
Shines bright
Like a sewer
And it's ours

All that makes blood
All that makes men
All that makes blood
All that makes men

Hey heaven
Touch it
See it soon
Hey now heaven
Touch say
Smelling all souls

Give me many more
Feed all see all
Touch, call
Tremors all
Say tremors all
Uh need all
Did I see you
Did I see it
Cut off
say dog
Say fucking touch it
Fucking touch the whore

Can I see you baby baby?
Will you make the call?

Uh! Never!
Never fall!

Breathe Through
Breathe Through
Breathe Through
Breathe Through it all!

- My nose said.
Angel's Bend

He who stands on the ledge
want nothing
He doesn't have a name
He does not have a father
Well, he does not have no shame

Did I hear you call me?
Can one hear without ears?
It's nice to see you through it all
But I can't remeber your name
Say it

Hey,you see now
Oh clever beyond
They don't see now
Are you clever beyond
Can you see now
It's clever beyond
Can't you see now
It's clever beyond
Clealry, God Damn!

Is this it?
Is this her?
Is this all?
You made this?
Is this yours?
What's it called?

Fall, hither!

With a soul that's see-through
God damn! God damn!
Over your head like a plastic bag of shit
...God damn!
With a soul of C3
All this life seems like some
fucked up mushroom cloud

Bring in the insects!
Part of - make some blood!
They get enough of the swim
Clearly now!
Naked, put on a pedistal
Take it out!
Call in to whoever!
Too fucked up
said it all
Into the arms of they are here
Say this second fall
Say all
Bring all the comets!
See-through your fucked up brain
Into the eyes of the
Make some blood!

In this swim
If it's feet
Let me know
Towards them
Towards none
They said
They'll let me know

Stalactites (when cast down the mountain)

You want special rules
For these games you play?
What specific functions
or shows do you fill?
Cold gaze
Well his cold touch
Bring him in said whoever
Then came a knock

Leech blood out
But says "Blood in"
"Call them guidelines,
Or a general direction"
Blood glistened
With head clear as sin
But you is moving nowhere
and you're getting none

Tall hearts
Brave they are
Beautiful all
When cast down the mountain

Red eyes
Frozen still
Fell asleep in the crack rain
Mal Aria

Bags of Shine

Bent back - leaks blood black
Burnt bridge say wounded path
Golden floor now a trap door
They scum all
They scum all

Pay up
Pay the man
With bags of shine

Call him here now
Call this man with the long straw
Call him here now
Call this man with a trap door

Bent back - I'm blowing black
Say bone and soul, I'm hook and worm
Golden floor with a trap door
Come downfall
They scum all

Pay up
Pay the price
With bags of shine

I think I can be
well..something more?
I ain't sure
Yeah I ain't sure
Still on and same
son of a trap door

Bent back - with temple burning black
Bone and soul say heal none more
Golden floor with a trap door
Say been to war
They scum all

It costs but death
Pay the price
With bags of shine
Some Marionettes, Some Kites (& a few knives)

Say who is I'm dealing with
All say truth now
I'm telling you
Fucking say it true

Say who is all
Holding all mannequin
Strings all let's go
Fucking say it true

Closer came
Closer with all
Sweeter teeth
In the night game - closer came

Closer all
Willfull mane
Dickjaw fuck all
Sweeter as it came

Willfull mane
Dickjaw is all
Truth or game
Mannequins fuck all

Sweeter came
Sonny's all "let's talk"
Big talk
Brave talk - Good talk

Say who you is dealing with
Said so let's go
You say it fucking
It's all good for mannequin children fuck

I'm blind baby but this feels al-
I'm blind as a dead whore
Say dead whore

För evigt
För evigt

Clever game
The drug fucking game
Said it all clever came
Sweeter came
Now never it all came

Vem är jag
Ett tva tro fyra hora
Vem är jag baby
vem är jag

Hit and miss the mark
He has a double heart
You say both yes and no
To both reap and sow
To be both bite and bark
He has a double heart
His roads are straight and queer
His wheel both drifts and steers

Skakes, weeps and laughs
He has a double heart
He shines both red and blue
Who spits the lie that's fucking true
With wit both small and large
He has a double heart
With a voice like glue
Who destroys both what's old and new

And I don't wanna smell
I don't wanna see
And I don't wanna smell
I don't wanna see
And I don't wanna smell
I don't wanna see
I don't wanna hear you talking about me

Who hears this endless talk
Who has a double heart
Who breaks one in two
Who sails this fucked up crew