"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

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Opaque / What Pigs get (2018)

All lyrics by Crakk


Tough.. Luck!
Tough.. Yeah Luck Now!

What Is Big
Can Grow Small
Will, Is It?
Now Is That All?

Smash The World
Into My Mouth
Tastes Like Dirt
It Tastes Like Strife
It Tastes Like

Tough… Luck!
Tough… Yeah Luck Now!

What Is Clear
Can Grow Dim
Like Milk
And Tears
And Alcohol

Smash The World
Into My Mouth
Tastes Like Dirt
It Tastes Like Strife
It Tastes Like...

Opaque Is The World
Some Pack Rules The World
See…. Some!
See… None!

Tough! Luck!
Tough… Yeah Luck Now!

For What Goes Up
It Must Come Down
Will, Is It?
Now Is That All!?

Smash The World
Into My Mouth
Tastes Like Dirt
Tastes Like Grime

Smash The World
Into My Mouth
Tastes Like Dirt
It Tastes Like Pack
It Tastes Opaque

What Is Clear
Must Grow Dim

Scissorgod (2019)


These thoughts are all made of Red!
These thoughts dance a wicked dance
In my head they Fuck and they swarm
..and make love they multiply!


Stop milking me Dog!
My astral teats are tired now
In my head they fuck and you swarm
..and well fed you multiply!

Head like hole
Arabian nights,
stained blood red by German knives!
Harder Harder

You need to cut me deep!
Into this flesh make a hole - for death a door!
Cut deep!
Bleed in fucking heaps,
Into the maker - my knife goes to war!

Inside, there's a part of me
Hollow, gave us most of all
Warning, failure of our womb
Replay, now with a black heart!

Harder! Harder!
The hardest whip I'll crown
Faster! Faster!
The fastest shit I'll taste
Wetter! Wetter!
So wet my dick might drown
Sharper! Sharper!
Not feel it touch your face

Taller! than the old fragile walls
Replay! Now with your black heart

Sweeter! Sweeter!
There the sweetest nectar be
Higher! Higher!
Boy you ain't as high as me
Louder! Louder!
No squealing, please let me be
Number! Number!
To go on numbness is the key

Faster! Wetter! Sharper!


All things now stop, and swirl into this tiny hole,
we'll swirl into the evermore
Every bit is stoning me, every bit of you before
They say no shit for me, but shorty told for all the stole
Clever though, the son who was the, the eye in their stoner form
- But I just snorted up three lines off their kitchen floor
Anyway this burning all saints is no fun and games
I will be coming here - calling the holy names!

Smells like I've been fucked up here before

Shoot up he who meditates, and glue him in his place
Tell him he be doing good who can stay so still!

Ever seen the fucked up thing I did to you - they made me whole..
Shorty saw that I didn't know but I'd just fucking any whore

Smells fine! - do another line
All this are - the clever inside folds
Into! months of you...

For all!
That stay up still
My breath is fucking king
Smells fine! - do another line

Now it's sneaking through my skull,
red and wet like BANGLADESH
Down Thru The Hole

Burning up man!
The smoking of God, who wouldn't seem fucked up
hiding in the sky
Eno! An Eno brings below, Eno shows we're all like
fucked up ants the spirits taunt!

Forever! Never!
For Never! Ever!

Down thru the hole!
How one I have called for now they turn the priest
to this fucked up energy
There's more I am told than shoot me up with
speed - there's good veins into my feet

Of lies and death now!
Of every tooth I've found!
For every god you invented!
Of everything before!

Who wish me and I'll comfort you
to fuck a child in me
Down through the hole
Who is so animal.. 'til now they made me scorn
whose wings to make you squeal!! Ahh!

Saknar mina bröder!
The widow ain't falling down
Never mind their touch
If you're offering enough!

What's smiling over there
Is now smiling over here...
A head - try to touch
Feel your fingers curl and bend,

What's glowing over there?
Far from it, this mower is not thy machine
Feeble Hearts

Heart feebly pounds
In a black room lone
The sane are feeble of heart
Feeble of heart are the sane

Burning tables! A bleeding God!
Gushing up blood - sticks and all...
You're burning up man, with Angel Pus
You're Dreaming of man, its smelling foul!

I promised my word , delicious one!
Once two feet taller than Jesus Christ,
and if your bitch can read my lips,
this place is blowing -
all over the tip

Upon our table, we gushing Blood!
Maybe these things stings for all...?
You're burning up man, once Angel Pus!
It's no illusion who the bells are ringing for...

Clever! Real Clever!
Your 'nothing' starts smelling
like it's fucking something

When you fuck me in the mouth

Some here - Some there
Not me though,
I'm not even here!
Like one cop, is all cops,
When shorty said
"It's burning up".

Some here - Some there
You go real low
I'll stay up here
We drink blood, I fuck fear
Like birds of prey
there's eyes everywhere
Stay carnival!

Down! A thousand
teeth bite down
Down! You put me
put me
put me fucking down...
Down A thousand teeth bite down!


Some here - Some there,
Not me though, I'm not even here!
Like one gun, is all guns
When it pokes you
right through the wall of sound.

Some here - Some there,
You go real low - I'll stay up here!
This mouth said, "I fucked up,
I know basic thoughts and
know what you've caught on."

Down! Swirl into me,
birds off! Cold touch!
- We all turn to nothing!

Xenos, de Malkuth, the Clevermouth;
It pops the night's head
The Fucked! Our brains send us;
Into fucking morning!
Into fucking evening!
...now suicide!..all around..
Wet red fireworks!

Like birds of prey,
- eyes everywhere
Spiked on - knife round.
The Plot Thickens

Ever since I've been God,
Everything else has died,
Lo! some red promise?..
- whatever I said I lied!

Born to be, another seed!
That's raised by dirt,
and raped by weed!

Ever since I've been God,
Never gave once to all...
I did bring with me your mother,
Baby don't cry - it's fine!

Dreams of thoughts
Further! Further!
Down in dark far
Stronger! Stronger!
No way back
This is not where they came
to destroy!

Decimatio now!
What Pigs Get

Lost now!
Lost now from me
Lost to antiquity,
Bring back - hear me!

Fetch some lies now,
Put the into snort down
Living fast in the stank line
For this stinking world!

Squeal now for me
Bleed like a fountain
Piggyboy - hear me!

Squeal now!..

All pigs will get
What's a pig's lot
Pigs will have got
What I want not


..waiting for the right dog

Run for your life, to enter law
Maybe call him you stand for show.
I will stand with you, in door
I want to die,
pull the plug!

Lend your voice to clever rats,
Sever your tongue now
to steal around the shot!
Fuck then, the boy lost,
the eye is carnage;
..Ending the series!

Shook the water, ever gone,
Life down the abyss,
the only two stars..
Be my face now, my southern call.
In my eyes now
I see the stars.

The burning!
The burning of God
The spidertongue
his spells of all,
Ever for restlessness..
deaf, white.


We'll manage the blood,
- For freedom is sin!

The freedom's shadow
the unborn in dark
A word is speaking
forever no more!
This is all for us,
and so for you......