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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Further details on Reveal!'s upcoming album, "Scissorgod"

As the anticipation for Reveal!'s upcoming creature intensifies, some juicy and intriguing details about "Scissorgod" are emerging on the web and there's enough to make all of us even more eager to hear it: Sepulchral Voice Records describes it as "[...]an album where REVEAL present themselves at their highest musical level, their most visionary yet also most grounded. From pure rockers like 'Harder Harder', 'Clevermouth', and the title track 'Scissorgod' to emotional bleeders like 'Decomposer' or 'Cointoss' to ultra-black metal killers like 'Down Through the Hole', REVEAL present themselves in a more widescreen and Technicolor manner – their focus frightening, their vision more artistic than ever before."

It also reports that this time the album has been recorded at Cobra Studios in Stockholm, with producer Martin "Konie" Ehrenkrona - a name that sounds of course well known to all of us In Solitude appreciators, since he was also the producer of "Sister", as well as of Henrik Palm's solo album.

(On a side note, to be honest here at Unearthed Mirrors we were huge fans of the production on Reveal!'s old albums, which gave them that peculiar "from the grave" sound, but surely curious to hear what this different approach will bring to the record.)

The full story can be read over at the Sepulchral Voice Records website to get ready for "Scissorgod" to invade our world and completely mess it up once again as only Reveal! can do.