"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Reveal!'s "Scissorgod" full stream, pre-orders and merch now available!

After waiting impatiently for Reveal!'s third creature to be unleashed on November 29th, today, unexpectedly in advance like an eiaculatio precox, "Scissorgod" has cum!
The album can now in fact be streamed in its entirety, yes, it's here, it finally cuts through the ether with its sharp and rusty blades, reaching our eager ears, and...oh man. OH FUCK if that isn't the most putridly striking, nasty and mindfucking rock music you'll hear around nowadays!
 Reveal! has spawned something unique, which once again takes their listeners by surprise and makes them question , not necessarily in this order, their own ears, their own mind and ultimately what the hell they've been listening to before Scissorgod.  It's a foul-stenching offering to the altar of creative lunacy,  which carries you to places you didn't even think existed, and do they...?, well it doesn't matter, Scissorgod doesn't care about what exists or not, it creates its own fucked up world and it is only for those who venture to listen to the music and give it total control, so that when you seem to have sort of sensed the direction it is taking you, it suddenly takes a twist, and you find yourself spiraling up and down a seemingly bottomless wormhole of sounds and madness.
Scissorgod cuts the umbilical cord to the placenta of music categorizations, and allows us to suck the stem cells of genuinely inspired music which spills out.

But enough, without further ado, here is the whole creature, to anyone who is joining us in listening, we wish you unsafe travels, maybe we'll spot each other around in a reflection on Scissorgod's blades...Meanwhile, Sepulchral Voice Records has opened pre-orders for the LP and CD version of the album, as well as for the official album t-shirt and another new t-shirt design titled Missljud.
Updates:All Sepulchral Voice Records' releases, thus including Reveal!'s, are now available officially through High Roller Records. Reveal!'s official shop can be reached at End All Parties.