"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Pelle Åhman's artworks on display at SP2 in Berlin

With many galleries and venues still closed due to the lockdown policies in several countries, enjoying art and music has temporarily become an activity primarly done online. However, despite being closed, the art gallery SP2 in Berlin has something special to offer to anyone passing  by its window, on Schillerpromenade: some striking, selected artworks have in fact been put on display facing the street, so that they are visible from the outside, at any time.

Artworks by Pelle Åhman on display
at SP2 in Berlin
Photo by Uno Bruniusson

From May 15th to May 22nd, this display exhibition, curated by Uno Bruniusson and Cryss Crass, will bring to people who pass by the gallery, nothing less than some selected artworks drawn by Pelle Åhman.
Pelle's distinctive and fascinating style, seems to speak directly to that primeval part of us which still has the ability to imagine, or maybe to remember, realms beyond the one we're used to, uncanny dimensions where strange, unearthly manifestations, figures, shapes, convey that disquieting, yet alluring appeal of something perhaps unknowable - yet so strikingly close, at times. So close you almost hear it whispering to your ears, while watching his drawings.
If you are in Berlin, there's the chance to do so until May 22nd, just walking by the window of the SP2 art gallery, in Schillerpromenade, 2.
If you are not familiar with Pelle's otherworldly artworks, some of them can be seen on his personal art blog at https://ettannatrum.blogspot.com/ and it's possible to follow some of his current artistic activities on his art collaboration project with his fellow artist Markus Ahlbom at @diskbankssurrealism on Instagram.