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Friday, 11 June 2021

Saturnalia Temple premieres new, mesmerizing video for their song "Gravity"

Today we are treated to a very special surprise: Saturnalia Temple have just released a new official video for their song "Gravity", title-track from their third album (Listenable Records, 2020).
A visually enchanting sequence of images accompanies the listener through a psychedelic journey made of patterns, shapes and colours, shifting and morphing as if actually seen through the gravitational lensing of an unknown central source, alternating with images of the band performing live.

Saturnalia Temple offers an insight to the video and to the song :
"'Gravity' was written before all the world went mad, but now seems very prophetic. I aimed to describe and channel the spiritual strife of the initiatory path and how it often is at odds with the mundane world. We are very pleased to release the title song in a powerful and visually engaging as well as hypnotic video made by our talented collaborator M from A Thousand Lost Civilizations. The only way is in, into yourself, all other roads are blocked."

Saturnalia Temple's third full-length "Gravity" is available on different editions and bundles on the Listenable Records' webshop.