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Friday, 23 July 2021

Uno interviewed on For The Passion Not The Fashion (Recap & Highlights)

Uno Bruniusson has recently been interviewed on Headbangers Tilburg's YouTube channel For The Passion Not The Fashion and discussed several memories about In Solitude, his beginnings as a drummer, recalled the band's first tours, some of their memorable moments; as well as his current projects and future plans.

(On a side note, Uno also kindly mentioned us as source of updates about his and other post-In Solitude's projects activities, so we humbly thank him for the shout out!).

Below you can find a recap of his interview (you can click on the timestamps to skip to the specific points), some highlights, and the full video. Enjoy!

  • Uno recalls the first In Solitude's show outside of Sweden, in Tilburg; and In Solitude's first European tour 00:01:55

  • Discussing when he first started listening to music, and the first concerts he attended 00:08:00

  • Speaking of the first times he started playing music, his beginnings as a drummer, his motivations and musical education 00:10:25

  • Uno talks about his father being a drummer too and the  music he has released with his band 00:16:31

  • Recalling how In Solitude was formed when they all were very young, their influences, first activities and musical developments 00:18:07

  • Discussing other bands and projects he has been and/or still is involved in, his recent solo compositions 00:23:13

  • Uno talks about bands he has toured with, musicians who inspire him; Selim's legacy and touring with WATAIN and The Devil's Blood, as well as memorable experiences in his musical life 00:34:52

  • Discussing In Solitude's split up, whether or not there's the possibility of a reunion and his current relationships with other In Solitude's members 00:48:12

  • Further goals and achievements he's looking forward to develop: his solo project Perkwuno, deepening his explorations of rythm and percussions, his daily practice; making more music with Maggot Heart 00:53:26

  • Speaking of some of his all-time favourite and inspirational albums and music 00:58:25

  • Taking some time off due to the pandemic, more future plans after COVID and looking ahead 01:01:20

  • Teaching drums 01:05:17

  • Conclusions, info and greetings 01:08:56

Full video interview: