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Friday, 16 July 2021

Maggot Heart premieres new track from upcoming split with OKKULTOKRATI

Maggot Heart / OKKULTOKRATI Split EP
Cover Artwork by Johannes Brander

Rapid Eye Records has just announced earlier today very exciting news: Maggot Heart and OKKULTOKRATI are going to release a split EP this coming September!

It will feature three new songs by each band, and will be available on a limited edition of 600 copies on black vinyl as well as on a limited edition of 400 copies on smoky vinyl, both versions come with printed inner sleeve and a double-sided poster.

Both bands have premiered a new song taken from the split EP on New Noise Magazine, which you can hear below: Maggot Heart's track, "No Song", is a really catchy piece which shows all the punk-ish potential of our favourite power trio, with its raw and straightforward attitude, it opens with a Genesis P-Orridge-style spoken part and then evolves into a combination of hectic vocals and hooky riffs, immediately captivating the listener .

 On the other side of the split, OKKULTOKRATI is going to make you headbanging and air guitaring like there's no tomorrow with their dark and heavy song "Wolfssegen":

The Maggot Heart / OKKULTOKRATI Split EP will be out on September 24th, 2021 on Rapid Eye Records and it can already be pre-ordered at the label's webshop. Digital version available on Bandcamp.