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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Endtime premiere "Harbinger of Disease", pre-orders for upcoming album now open!

If you suddenly feel like an impending doom is lurking behind the corner, it's not your anxiety nor the extra drink you had yesterday: it's the arrival of "Hardbinger of Disease", the first track premiere from Endtime's upcoming album!

The song has premiered today on The Sleeping Shaman alongside its fittingly grim and dismal official video, and the band commented:

" 'Harbinger Of Disease' is the first single from Endtime‘s forthcoming LP entitled Impending Doom. Five minutes and eleven seconds of bleak nihilistic doom metal. The sound of a plague unending, a famine unceasing, a drought unquenched..."

Indeed, the oppressive atmosphere is so thick here, that not even Jason's machete would cut it - and the caustic vocals will slowly erode your flesh until nothing is left.

Surely Endtime have in store the kind of doom we enjoy the most - drenched in horror, bleak, corrosive and heavy. We are most definitely looking forward to hearing the whole album.

"Impending Doom", the band's debut full-length, will be out on Heavy Psych Sounds Records on March 4th, 2022, and pre-orders are now open both on the label's European shop and on the U.S. shop - several choices available: test press vinyl, three striped coloured LP, splatter blue/red LP, black LP, and digipack.
Of course there is also a properly apocalyptic t-shirt to wear your doom, and the he digital version can be acquired on Bandcamp.

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