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Friday, 26 May 2023

Echoes of the "Agony & Ecstasy Over Europe" Tour [Footage + some brief notes]

WATAIN, Bølzer and Concrete Winds have recently concluded their "Agony & Ecstasy Over Europe" tour after setting ablaze several venues and some footage has begun to appear online. We are gathering here some selected videos on two separate playlists: we will be updating them adding more if something else of interest pops up.
For the usual - obvious - reasons we chose not to include any video filmed from the front rows.

All videos are property of their respective owners and we are here embedding them directly from YouTube.

Concrete Winds
Footage emerged so far of mighty Concrete Winds includes:
-"Dissident Mutilator" from Krakow;
- "Dissident Mutilator" + "White Cut Manifest" from Bucharest;
- "Tyrant Pulse" + "Sulphuric Upheaval" from Bucharest;
- "Noise Trepanation" + "Chromium Jaws" + "Paroxystic Flagellator" + "Primitive Force" from Bucharest;
- "Dissident Mutilator" from Sofia;
- "Primitive Force" from Athens;
- "Infant Gallow" + "Nerve Butcherer" from Athens;
- "Noise Trepanation" + "Chromium Jaws" from Thessaloniki;
- "Primitive Force" from Thessaloniki;
- "Flaying Internacine" from Thessaloniki;
- "Dissident Mutilator" from Thessaloniki;
- "Infant Gallow" + "Nerve Butcherer" from San Donà di Piave.

(Apparently "Dissident Mutilator" is the song that people have recorded the most on this tour - and whether it was because it was strategically placed on the setlist after the fittingly industrial/noise interval piece, or not - we'll definitely take it because let's be honest, you really can't get tired of that banger.)
This tour has given many people who had never seen Concrete Winds performing before, the chance to witness their impressive ferocity on stage: sure they sound savage on record, but in the live setting it is beyond brutal. Louder, harsher, faster, a full blown slaughterhouse. As they step on stage and begin to play, you quickly realise there's no way back, you're going to be TREPANATED. We are sure most of the audience will not forget the experience. Concrete Winds will perform at several Festivals in the next months: check out the Partake section for more details.
Footage of fiery WATAIN includes:
-"The Devil's Blood" from Krakow;
-"Malfeitor" from Krakow;
- "The Howling" from Budapest;
- "Sworn To The Dark" from Budapest;
- "Towards the Sanctuary" from Budapest;
- "On Horns Impaled" from Budapest;
- the entire live set from Bucharest;
- the entire live set from Athens;
- "Sworn To The Dark" from San Donà di Piave;
- "Legions Of The Black Light" from Hengelo.

WATAIN have now been ravaging stages with their magnificent performances for decades and sure enough, both people who had already seen them and those who hadn't yet before this tour, leave their shows deeply touched by their compelling live sets, which not only deliver a tight and brilliant rendition of the songs, but also bleed utter dedication and manic fervor, conveying the feeling that the musicians on stage become themselves a sort of sacrifice to their own Temple: something which is fairly rare and very peculiar of WATAIN specifically, and something that of course their loyal appreciators can't fail to perceive and - consequently - to admire and treasure.
WATAIN will appear at the following Festivals in the upcoming months: Mystic Festival in Gdansk (POL) on June 9th; Graspop Metal Meetingin Dessel (BE) on June 16th; Gefle Metal Festival in Gävle(SWE) on July 14th; Brutal Assault festival in Fortress Josefov (CZ) on August 10th; Hellsinki Metal Fest in Helsinki (FI) on August 12th; Motocultor festival in Carhaix (FR) on August 19th; Meh Suff Metal Festival in Hüttikon (CH) on September 8th; Black Hole Fest in Balve (DE) on September 30th.


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