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Thursday, 1 June 2023

Lukas Häger shares tracklist and details about his upcoming solo album

As we have often said in the past months, one of our most anticipated releases of 2023 is certainly Lukas Häger's debut solo album: we've been mostly knowing him for his wicked guitar work with the one and only Reveal!, as well as for having poured riffs and thrills in No Future, and for curating mesmerizing playlists on his own End All Parties. Now we are really looking forward to discovering the sounds and the shades of his debut solo album, "Folkmord I Ting", which is due to be out in late summer of this year: undeniably a brilliant and talented songwriter, Lukas is always able to surprise and impress, combining unique atmospheres with a sharp taste for the macabre - which we surely appreciate a lot!

Earlier today on End All Parties the track list and more details have been shared:


"Blod I Den Svarta Kons Mjölk" ("Blood In The Black Cow's Milk") // "Alpinblod" ("Alpine Blood")
"Spår Av Röd" ("Trail of Red") // "Hungrig Krona" ("Hungry Crown")

"Mumifierad av Insomnia" ("Mummified by Insomnia")
"Fackelvändare"("Torchturner") / "Invändiga Pilar" ("Internal Arrows")
"Inframond" (L. Hager, J.S. Bach, John McCain)
"Glimmande Äggstapel" ("Glowing Pile of Eggs")

The album has been recorded by Stefan Brändström in Studio Dustward, Stockholm, in December 2022; except the track "Fackelvändare" that has been recorded by Lukas Häger in Uppsala in January 2023; and the track "Invändiga Pilar" that has been recorded by Lukas Häger in Enånger in September 2022. All tracks has been composed by Lukas Häger unless specified and the album has been produced by Lukas Häger & Stefan Brändström.

We'll be waiting impatiently to hear what soundscapes he has weaved in this release!, meanwhile it's possible to sink into Lukas' musik on Bandcamp and on Youtube. You might also want to check out the playlist he curated for Unearthed Mirrors back in 2019: On the Verge of Everywhere, Fall . Don't forget to follow End All Parties on Facebook to read news and updates about upcoming releases and live dates!