"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related artistic manifestations.

Monday 25 September 2023

Stream Lukas Häger's solo album "Folkmord I Ting" in its compelling entirety

Today, September 25th 2023, Lukas Häger's solo album "Folkmord I Ting" is officially released and it's now possible to listen to the entire record on End All Parties Bandcamp page!

Nine songs that are intended to be absorbed from beginning to end as a continuous stream, to fully appreciate the extraordinary ability of this music to get under the listeners' skin and drive them from moments of uncanny, disquieting uneasiness to passages of soothing melodies; from melancholic wanderings to charming, delightful swirls.

There is certainly such a wide range of mindscapes and emotional depths that the guitar alone can reach and so many of them are explored here on this record in a really brilliant way, yet the album is also able maintain a sense of spontaneity, there's a disarming authenticity in how it sounds that compels the listener to just give in completely to the music, and that speaks of the profound connection between Lukas and his instrument, making it very natural for the listener to experience a similar relation to the music.

We highly recommend immersing in this marvelous album with your headphones on and your eyes closed!

The vinyl edition of "Folkmord I Ting" can be ordered on End All Parties' webstore.