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Friday 1 December 2023

Saturnalia Temple premiere new song from their album "Paradigm Call", pre-orders now open!

Evokers of atmospheric doom metal Saturnalia Temple just unveiled today the official video for their song "Revel In Dissidence", first track premiere from the upcoming album "Paradigm Call" due out on March 1st, 2024 on Listenable Records!

The song has been presented through an official lyric video, to accompany the music and allow the listeners to immerse also visually in its dark ambience and symbolism.

Saturnalia Temple once again here show an impressive ability to capture both the ears and the mind of its audience, with the entrancing sound of the guitar almost acting as a vehicle to a different plane, as well as a catalyst to induce suggestive moments of contemplation, making for a truly active, mesmerizing listening experience.

After this haunting track premiere, we are even more looking forward to hearing the whole album, as well as to the first live performances of Saturnalia Temple with their new live line-up which, as previously mentioned (and celebrated!) now includes Gottfrid Åhman on bass guitar and Pelle Åhman on drums.

The track list for "Paradigm Call" has also been revealed today and it appears to be as follows:

1) "Drakon" 02:08
2) "Revel In Dissidence" 08:55
3) "Paradigm Call" 07:42
4) "Among The Ruins" 05:17
5) "Black Smoke" 07:31
6) "Ascending The Pale" 07:01
7) "Empty Chalice" 05:03
8) "Kaivalya" 05:05

Pre-orders for "Paradigm Call" are now open on Listenable records for both the Limited edition Marble vinyl edition (ltd. to 500 copies, it comes with a 2sided insert, a free poster and a postcard) and for the CD edition (comes with a free poster and the postcard).

[Note: there appears to be a mistake at the moment on the label shop, and the CD edition is listed with the same title as the limited vinyl edition, but as it can clearly be seen by the photos, and by the difference in price, the latter is definitely the CD version].
Digital pre-orders available on Listenable Records' Bandcamp.

Saturnalia Temple have recently announced a release show for the album which will be held in Brussels on February 24th, 2024: further details and other live dates in our Partake section of the website.

The official video for "Revel In Dissidence" can be watched here below, and the song is now available to stream on all major platforms at the following LINK.

It's possible to follow Saturnalia Temple on: