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Friday, 7 February 2020

Saturnalia Temple premiere new mesmerising track

Saturnalia Temple's upcoming album "Gravity" is going to be out in just a couple of weeks and today The Obelisk has featured a new track premiere from the band's third full-length: the song which carries the same name as the band itself, "Saturnalia Temple". Verily, the track totally does justice to its emblematic name, heavy yet hypnotic and entrancing like a cosmic chasm to delve in.
Tommie Eriksson thus describes the song: "“Saturnalia Temple" is a song that sums up everything we are on all levels. It is a true keystone for all we stand for. The lyrics is an invocation of the alchemical initiation that this band expresses, and the hypnotic riffs echo this with a vengeance.”
It's possible to listen to the track here below, and read the full feature on The Obelisk.

Saturnalia Temple's new album "Gravity" is out on February 21st, 2020 and different editions of it can be pre-ordered at the Listenable Records' webshop.