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Thursday, 3 September 2020

PÅGÅ: a new musical entity created by Pelle & Gottfrid Åhman - debut out in November!

Amazing news arriving from Svart Records that will surely see many of us appreciators of In Solitude getting really excited about this new project announced today: PÅGÅ is a musical entity created by none other than Pelle and Gottfrid Åhman, and their debut, titled "The Evil Year", is due out on November 27th, 2020! 

In the label's official statement, we can read how they present themselves: "“Out of a great lust to encounter the unknown and to explore the boundless in us this record/work came about, in the hands of The High Spirit Rebel. We wish this may serve as great entertainment, a bad enemy, an instrument and a match. Enter! Step in!”

PÅGÅ is described by Kvohst (of Grave Pleasures, Hexvessel, and Svart Records) as “Post-Punk freakery, like Birthday Party era Cave, avant-garde Bowie and the darkness of Coil with unique artistic flair that’s in a world of its own.”

Sounds absolutely intriguing and it is certainly something we'll be looking forward to!
The striking cover artwork, as most of us probably can guess by the distinctive style, is made by Pelle, and the layout was curated by Erik Danielsson.

The tracklist appears to be as follows:
Stellar Vermin
By Ends Great Glitter
Wholly Gone
Wet Star
Meshes In The Wild Lock

Water Strider

The song "Enter" has been chosen as track premiere from their debut and an official video, made by Gottfrid Åhman (with editing assistance by Svante Pihl ) can already be streamed on Svart Records' YouTube channel:

Pre-orders are already open on the Svart Records website for the limited edition (500 copies) on coloured gatefold vinyl with lyrics and artwork booklet, as well as for the digipak CD edition (the album will also be available as digital release on all digital platforms).