"In mirrors digged up from the earth I see myself / Lambent upon my childhood fields in wounds" (Inmost Nigredo)
Fan homage to one of the best dark rock bands ever: In Solitude.
As well as to related artistic manifestations.

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Traces of Sulphur Along the Path: a playlist

"Music was the key to the universe, the maps and the science of both the inner and the outer world. Music channelled the divine and made it present in human society.Music has the ability to invoke and evoke strong experiences, influence the mind, the soul and the worldand is perhaps the most important activity of mankind, besides what needs to be done to merely stay alive."
- From Musical Alchemy Introduction.

Back in April 2018, when Secret Trees was about to release Eldhamn's first EP, and the first track had just been premiered("Bhairavi Eyes", included in the playlist), we created a playlist focused on Tommie Eriksson's main musical creations. While many people probably know him through Saturnalia Temple and Lapis Niger, his artistic creations all seem to have a more subtle, common thread that is noticeable to the attentive listener, who will also strongly sense the similar otherworldly aura that extends across all these projects.

Now, after the recent launch of the website Institute of Musical Alchemy, dedicated to the musical and magical work of Tommie Eriksson, it felt like the right time to bring this playlist back, with some updates with relevant releases that has been published since then, such as The Other Sun's first EP "Horizon Between the Eyes" (Lapis Niger Productions, 2019), and Saturnalia Temple's album "Gravity" (Listenable Records, 2020).

You can stream the playlist below, and we suggest doing that while exploring carefully the Institute of Musical Alchemy website: there you can find a very interesting Musical Alchemy Manifesto, as well as a fascinating article to delve deep into the topic, a proper Musical Alchemy Introduction.

Official links to: Saturnalia Temple Facebook page - Lapis Niger Facebook page - Eldhamn Facebook page - The Other Sun Facebook page .