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As well as to related creative manifestations: No Future, Reveal, Invidious...and beyond.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Clever, Harder, Reveal!er: anticipating "Scissorgod"

After the latest track premiere presented on Decibel Magazine from Reveal!' s upcoming album, and at less than one month from its coming, the level of anticipation for "Scissorgod" is ranging from the pits of Hell to the peaks of Heaven and therefore it felt like a proper time for an introductory recap about all that has been unveiled so far regarding this enigmatic creature which is about to crawl out of its nest soon-yet-not-soon-enough.

(DISCLAIMER: Please be forewarned, this is intentionally emphasized because aimed at building up the anticipation in appreciators of Reveal!' s music, it's not intended for the casual listener, nor for the "TLTR" kind of readers.)

Going back in time, the very first sign of its existence that we know of, or at least that something was lurking somewhere in the mind of the psychoactive quartet, came from the Tighter, Tighter tour in February 2018, when a previously unheard song was noticed in the live set, stirring curiosity and making its way into the audience's ears as a subtle yet assertive preliminary, an untold promise that perhaps there would have been more to come at some point in the future.
As some footage of the song surfaced on the web, it was later disclosed that the title of this unknown song is Scissorgod : little did we know back then that we had just met nothing less than the title track of Reveal!' s third album.

Fast forward several months and, as the most attentive followers among us will probably remember, in this interview with Maggot Heart, Linnéa mentioned that a new Reveal! album was going to be released before the end of 2019: and so it was there, just like that, with a brief mention in a interview, that we became aware of the creature 's actual coming. It was not just a suspicion anymore, no, something was actually growing in the dark, maybe not fully developed yet, but nonetheless, IT WAS A THING. It was the beginning of the anticipation, a crescendo of suspense in the uncertainty of what, when and how this cryptic being was going to manifest.

Ungodly, defiant and sporting the 
former Reveal! logo in red: 
the "Scissorgod" cover artwork
couldn't be more derangedly appealing.
Some more months passed, amidst some hints here and there on Reveal!' s social outlets that behind thick curtains of mist, the creature was being fed. What, we do not dare to inquire. The secret recipe of Reveal!' s peculiar lunacy, shall remain a mystery.

Then, at the beginning of this past October, a release date was officially announced: November 29th, 2019. Scissorgod warned the world about its coming and vomited forth a short video teaser, alongside some first details: its putridly morbid cover artwork, and its nefarious tracklist, foreshadowing nothing but pure, obscene madness.
"[...]An album where REVEAL present themselves at their highest musical level, their most visionary yet also most grounded. From pure rockers like 'Harder Harder', 'Clevermouth', and the title track 'Scissorgod' to emotional bleeders like 'Decomposer' or 'Cointoss' to ultra-black metal killers like 'Down Through the Hole', REVEAL present themselves in a more widescreen and Technicolor manner – their focus frightening, their vision more artistic than ever before."", reads the announcement on Sepulchral Voice Records' website, and needless to say, we believe that and can't wait to experience it entirely.

Shortly after, the creature spewed out a sudden gush of corrosive music: a new video for the song "Clevermouth", giving all the listeners who were eagerly waiting to have a first taste of its filth, a full song premiere. Oh!, what a moment of unhinged bliss: ghastly disturbing, sinister and malicious. Filled with everything that we Reveal! appreciators crave for.

It was an instant addiction, and the pre-ordering frenzy began: as early as of October 11th, some web stores which already listed both the CD and the vinyl edition available for pre-order were spotted, and one week later, digital pre-orders became available on the official Reveal!'s Bandcamp page.

[Extra bonus: Thanks to a contribution through our Facebook page, here's a brief glimpse of "Clevermouth" in one of its earliest live manifestations, during Reveal!'s gig on October 10th at Riche's Lilla Baren in Stockholm. Lo! -> ]
After the massive dose of absurdly reckless noiserock from the grave provided by "Clevermouth", another track from Scissorgod premiered on October 31st, through Decibel magazine, right on time to celebrate the gloomiest season of the year about to begin: "Harder Harder" viciously teased us further, hinting at the fact that "Scissorgod" truly has many faces, each one possibly more perverse, yet rooted in the same visionary and debauched rock'n'roll soil.

Just listen to that irreverent start of the song, with guitars scratching your skin like a rotten claw, kicking off with a thrashy-like attitude and then exposing its more hallucinatory, bleak nerves below the surface. Devil's sweetest nectar... and highly intoxicating for sure.

And so we here are now waiting, until November 29th, for Scissorgod to wreak havoc in our ears, excruciatingly wondering. Will it be bloodthirsty? Subtly deceptive? Outrageously lurid? Surely it will be insane, right? All of this and possibly more? ...We will know thy ways soon, Scissorgod. Until then...